January 15, 2007

Many Cline Mine resources available online

For those of you who will be submitting comments on the proposed Cline Coal Mine or are planning to attend one of the public meetings or just want to learn more on the subject, there are some excellent online sites maintained by a number of local organizations.

As mentioned in an earlier posting, the Flathead Basin Commission is developing a substantial collection of resources. It includes photographs, maps, background information and links to current materials and news about this project.

The Flathead Lakers have also posted an alert, as well as a great deal of subsidiary material.

This site, too, has links to many articles discussing the Cline Mine issue, the schedule of public meetings and how to take advantage of the comment period. As of this date, a search brings up some 52 posts concerning this potential threat to water quality in the Flathead drainage.

Posted by nfpa at January 15, 2007 12:23 AM