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Pavement not worth it for the North Fork

To the editor,

On the North Fork road again!

Now that the figures are out from Charlie Johnson we can take a harder look at the planned $2.4 million paving planned for the North Fork road. If it costs the county $209,088 to dust coat the road, that would mean 11 years of dust coating, and we all know that within 11 years that pavement would need additional dollars to be patched and repaired to the tune of how many more tax dollars. And seeing as the North Fork has never (with the exception by the Forest Service in 1988 for the Red Bench fire) been dust coated in the last 25 years, at $2900 per day to grade the road we'd have 827 and one half days of road grading. On a good year the North Fork is graded three to four times per year times three days each time that computes to 69 years of road grading folks! Since it all comes down to the almighty buck $$$ take a hard look at these figures, then decide if you really want paving or not.

Once this road is paved there is no turning back. We already have five miles of horrible axle breaking pavements laid in 1982 from Ladenburgs to Hay Creek. Is this what you really want?

If this is a government for the people by the people then the people have voted no to paving. We have the signatures of thousands of visitors and residents to prove it.

Think hard folks -- do you want to give up the North Fork for a paved road -- it's as simple as that. Personally, I don't think pavement is worth it.

Cheryl Watts
North Fork Resident

Last update: 15 Aug 1999