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In mid-December 1999, Flathead County made formal application to the Federal Highway Administration to pave a section of the North Fork Road. This is the so-called "Summary of Facts" section with supporting documentation. A brief discussion of some of the more obvious errors and bias follows the table of contents listing.
Page Title
1 - 4 Summary of Facts
5 List of Attachments
6 North Fork Neighborhood Private Land Tract Size
7 North Fork Traffic Counts
8 Montana Department of Environmental Quality Letter
9 Hungry Horse News - Larry Wilson Column
10 Hungry Horse News - Editorial
11 - 13 Vicinity Maps
14 LTAP Quarterly Newsletter, Page 4
15 Glacier National Park 1995 Visitor Use Summary

Errors, Omissions and Sneaky Statistics . . .
Thanks To Cesar Hernandez, MWA NW Field Rep., for pointing these out. There are no doubt others, but these jump right out at you.

Summary of Facts:

  1. Page 4, "85,000 acres of private property" should read 15,000.


  1. North Fork Traffic Counts. The counts are for the period 28 Aug to 4 Sep 1998, which coincides with what are probably the heaviest use days of the season (it brackets the Labor Day weekend).

  2. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality letter, 28 Jun 1998, references "special interest groups trying to stop paving."

  3. The two newspaper articles are from the Hungry Horse News, totally ignoring countervailing editorials out of the Missoulian and Daily Inter Lake, which represent the largest metropolitan areas in NW Montana.

  4. The GNP visitor use summary is for 1995-1996, a period of increased usage. The steady declines since then are ignored.



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