About Us

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The  mission of the North Fork Preservation Association is to champion the exceptional biodiversity and wildness of the North Fork of the Flathead River watershed in Northwest Montana.

The North Fork of the Flathead River valley, along the western flanks of Glacier National Park, is a jewel in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. The North Fork, a federally-designated Wild and Scenic River, flows south from British Columbia, Canada. This unique and pristine international watershed features spectacular, glaciated mountain peaks, wildflowers, open grasslands, a wide river valley, diverse wetlands and clear, clean water. A rich complement of indigenous species still exists, including grey wolves, grizzly and black bear, mountain lions, lynx, wolverine, and the endangered bull trout.

Local residents founded the North Fork Preservation Association (NFPA) in 1982 in response to proposals to pave the road and develop a coal mine upstream in Canada — changes that would have forever altered the natural landscape of the valley. The Association also works with the community to develop land-use planning and an education program that demonstrates how human and natural communities can successfully coexist.

Although the most severe development and resource extraction threats have receded, the North Fork still faces challenges on several fronts, including climate change, wildlife corridor issues and the impacts of invasive species.

Another threat results from an increased presence of humans on this delicate ecosystem. Not only does this present environmental challenges, but political and economic considerations in order to maintain a healthy balance. The North Fork is an increasingly popular destination for visitors, as well as seasonal and permanent residents. Private lands, a key component of the valley that makes up only 3% of the area, are concentrated in the valley bottoms which bisect critical wildlife habitat. Therefore, sound stewardship as well as land planning is crucial for ecosystem health. Efforts to preserve both the natural resources and way of life must be based on private landowner involvement in addition to enlightened public land management.

The North Fork Preservation Association focuses on working with the local community and government agencies to promote sound conservation policies that directly impact the North Fork. While change and growth are inevitable, by working together we can guide change to ensure that the North Fork remains a special place for many generations to come.

(Interested in joining the NFPA? Please fill out and send in a membership form.)