Zoning Documents & Links

Current Zoning Documents and Links . . .

These materials were retrieved from the Flathead County Planning and Zoning “Documents Online” page. All are PDF documents.

North Fork Neighborhood Plan, June 12, 2008 (4.1MB)

Flathead County Zoning Regulations, revised August 15, 2012 (1.1MB)

Flathead County Zoning Regulations, North Fork-specific section (89KB)

Proposed text amendment to North Fork section clarifying regulation of cellular towers (0.7MB)

Zoning Documents and Links from 2002 . . .

The text of the Proposed Amendment to the North Fork Zoning District

Review comments submitted by the North Fork Land Use Planning Committee

Flathead County Commissioners Home Page – Follow the “Commissioners Agenda” link to see what they are up to for a given week. It also indicates when particular commissioners will be out of town. (posted 30 July 2002)

There was a hearing before the County Commissioners on July 24 regarding the proposed North Fork zoning amendments. The third Commissioner, Howard Gipe, was on vacation. It was announced at the beginning of the meeting that a decision would be delayed until after Gipe returns on August 5th and has a chance to view the videotaped testimony. This meeting generated a fair amount of press coverage the next day, including an article in the Daily Inter Lake titled “Property rights at heart of North Fork zoning dispute” and one in the Missoulian headlined “Zoning decision delayed.” (posted 30 July 2002)

After some bad publicity and an ominous June primary, the Flathead County Planning Board ended a year’s worth of foot-dragging and passed the proposed North Fork zoning amendments on the the county commission. Read the latest progress report here. (posted 23 June 2002)

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