Whitefish Range Partnership Documents

The North Fork Preservation Association participates in the Whitefish Range Partnership and was a signatory to the agreement completed in October 2013.

From the description posted on the Headwaters Montana site:

The Whitefish Range Partnership was organized in September 2012 with the purpose of reaching a community consensus on future management of the Whitefish Range. The vast majority of the Whitefish Range is under the management of the Flathead National Forest (FNF) which will be revising its forest resource management plan over the next several years.  The Partnership consists of a diverse group of stakeholders that includes wilderness advocates, mountain bikers, backcountry horsemen, snowmobilers, the timber industry, landowners of the North Fork Flathead, tourism and recreation industry, and others.

The Partnership completed a 13-month schedule of meetings on October 18, 2013, with a dinner and signing ceremony in Whitefish, Montana.  The completed “Whitefish Range Partnership Agreement” makes more than a dozen recommendations to the Flathead National Forest supervisor on future management of the 300,000 acre Whitefish Range.

The Flathead National Forest commenced it forest management plan revision process in the summer of 2013.  The FNF anticipates a final plan by sometime in 2016.  The Whitefish Range Partnership Agreement represents a significant set of recommendations because it encompasses a 100 percent consensus recommendation on each of the issues addressed.  Only issues that met the 100 percent consensus threshold were delivered to the FNF.

The Flathead National Forest will continue to take recommendations from the public throughout the plan revision process.  Headwaters Montana urges you to become involved.  The Agreement documents are a good place to start.  You can also get involved directly through the FNF website portal and by attending planning meetings.


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