Reference & Archives

The archives contains past and present reference items that might be of interest. This includes

The North Fork Bear News was an annual newsletter that Amy Secrest with layout assistance from Richard Wackrow, created and thoughtfully published from 2000-2005. Julie Nelson has ably taken up the mantle and, with support from the North Fork Preservation Association, has resumed an annual spring mailing to any and all North Forkers who would like to receive it.

Living with Wildlife is an NFPA publication, distributed jointly by the NFPA and NFLA,  that outlines recommendations on how to live responsibly in wildlife habitat and suggests specific ways to minimize the chances of conflict with such animals as grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, deer, elk and moose. This is an excellent brochure for new and current landowners alike. It also includes some wonderful illustrations by Diane Boyd.

official comments submitted by the NFPA regarding issues and events relevant to the organization’s mission and goals,

State and Federal Legislative Contacts for the Flathead Valley,

the NFPA Organizational Documents,

various reference maps,

all the old posts from May 2004 to January 2007,

the current North Fork zoning materials, as well as historic references from 2002,

the main Whitefish Range Partnership documents and,

on the Articles and Other Goodies page, a couple of excellent reference articles and, well, some other goodies.