Giving the North Fork Patrol their due

We got a note the other day from Mark and Margaret Heaphy who are, respectively, the Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer of the North Fork Patrol, the people who will, on request, help keep an eye on landowner property.

The North Fork Patrol has a small problem. Since the North Fork Landowners’ Association doesn’t send out a fall newsletter anymore (it only sends out one in the springtime), folks have tended to forget to contribute to the North Fork Patrol. Although you don’t need to be an NFLA member to have property “patrolled,” the newsletter served as a reminder and also as a signup form for the patrol.

So, if you desire the services of the North Fork Patrol, the Heaphys are encouraging you to sign up at any time. (Now would be a good time.) If you are an NFLA member, you can use the form in the Spring newsletter. The sign-up form is also available on the NFLA website. Payment is good for one year from when paid, regardless of when that is. If there are any questions about your current status on the patrol or when you last paid, please contact Margaret Heaphy.

For those of you not familiar with the North Fork Patrol, here’s the official description from the NFLA website: “The North Fork Patrol, with the written permission of a landowner, will check a property for evidence of trespass, illegal entry or poaching. All suspected illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency . . . In addition to checking properties, the patrol offers a reward of up to $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of someone perpetrating trespass or property damage. A signed application is required to participate.”

Patrol sign-up is only $10, folks — chump change for someone to keep an eye on your place if you’re not around. And, in case you missed it the first time, you can grab a sign-up form here.