Forest Service continues to fight several wildfires on the North Fork

The newspapers aren’t giving the North Fork’s “Hay Creek Complex” wildfires much attention, but there’s lots of radio traffic.

Here’s what seems to be going on…

The first clutch of fires, including the Akinkoka, Mathias and Hay Creek #1 and #2 blazes, are under control. The Tuchuck, Moose Creek and the Johnson Creek Fires have all been “controlled and contained.” However, yesterday’s storms have triggered several new fires that are generating a lot of chatter today. None of these new fires are very big — maybe a couple of acres worst case — but they are attracting aggressive suppression efforts:

  • Young Mountain #1 and #2 on the slopes above Shorty Creek, SSW of Young Mountain;
  • the Stony Fire, presumably near Stony Basin Lake, north of Lake Mountain;
  • the Link Lake #1 and #2 fires, probably NW of Link Mountain;
  • the Antley Creek Fire is a very small blaze near a ridge top SE of Antley Creek.

The Forest Service has a helibase operating from Moran Meadow, south of Polebridge. Please don’t stop or walk out there for a closer look. Those folks are kind of busy right now.

There are officially no trail closures.

Please read the morning fire report for more information and background. I will post the evening report as soon as it becomes available.

The Inciweb page for this set of fires is also updated regularly.