Nature as classroom

Photo by W. K. Walker

Former North Forker and NFPA stalwart Ellen Horowitz got a nice write-up in the Flathead Beacon this week as part of their article about adult nature classes given by the Glacier Institute . . .

The trail leading to Firebrand Pass was lit by intermittent sun, giving the already-expressive mountains flanking the park’s eastern border an extra sense of drama as the light shifted and moved with the wind.

But even that high-altitude spectacle couldn’t pull the eyes of a small group of people from the ground, where they studied leaves and petals in various greens and pinks and purples, the summertime color explosion of plants awakening for their time, however short, to shine.

This is how botanist and instructor Ellen Horowitz sees the park, not in the macro of the craggy peaks and pristine lakes, though she also enjoys those, but rather in the micro details.

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