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Spring Visitors

The North Fork Hostel and the Polebridge area got a nice write-up in the Helena Independent Record last Thursday . . .

I awoke to a thump-thump-thump sound of fresh spring snow blowing off the trees and landing on the metal roof.

It was morning in North Fork Country.

Situated next to Glacier National Park’s western boundary about 20 miles south of the Canadian border, Polebridge offers visitors a relaxed attitude and sweeping views of the Livingston Range to the east and the Whitefish Range to the west.

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Far beneath the Big Sky – Exploring Montana’s deep, dark caves

Missoulian reporter Michael Jamison took a trip to explore a cave “north of Polebridge” recently. The write-up appeared in the October 31, 2008 online edition of the Missoulian . . .

Beneath: a bed of soft sand pressing damp and firm against shoulder blades.

Above: a glittering sky, starry pinpoints against unlimited black, deep as time.

All around: the song of the current, a quiet lullaby of water laughing, tumbling, spilling over stone.

Perfectly still. Deceptively peaceful.

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