Headwaters Montana looking for volunteers to help “complete the park”

From a newsletter sent out yesterday by Headwaters Montana . . .

We need your help.  Do you have just one day this summer to spend at spectacular Logan Pass to help complete the world’s first Peace Park: Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park?

Last summer Headwaters Montana sponsored volunteers at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park to collect signed post cards from visitors who support doubling the size of Waterton Lakes National Park into the Flathead Valley in British Columbia (see map here).  Volunteers collected the names of over 3,000 supporters last summer alone. The campaign to ‘Complete the Park’ and ‘Protect the Flathead’ now has well over 10,000 visible and vocal supporters.

Each supporter, like you, adds to the mounting inevitability of expanding Waterton Park.  And while we already enjoy a super majority of supporters in south-east British Columbia and across the international boundary in Montana, we need to continue to build support to push this effort over the finish line.

We can achieve a breakthrough in the next year with your help.

Can You Help?

With you helping to collect signatures at Logan Pass we will:

  • Collect more signatures, faster;
  • Have more supporters ready to write elected officials at critical times;
  • Double Waterton and Complete the Park in 2012.

Here’s How You Can Volunteer

  1. Choose a date to volunteer between July 25 and August 21;
  2. Call Gina at 257-1122, 871-3237 (cell) or Dave at 837-0783, or email, to sign up;
  3. Plan to arrive at the West Glacier entrance to Glacier Park at 8:30am on your volunteer day (pack food, water, and a smile);
  4. Plan to return to West Glacier no later than 5pm.

Visitors to Logan Pass are very friendly and very receptive to the idea of expanding and completing the Park.  This is very fun and easy duty!

Every Person Counts

You as a Montana and U.S. citizen can help posititively influence the B.C. and Canadian governments to expand Waterton Park.  Many thousands of Canadians travel across Logan Pass every summer.  In addition, you will sign up thousands of fellow Americans.  Citizens from both our countries have a voice in completing the Peace Park.

The Flathead (the North Fork Flathead River, a.k.a. the Transboundary Flathead) is one of the most biologically rich and intact landscapes and ecosystems remaining on Earth.  It’s a vital linkage area that connects the Canadian Rockies to the U.S. Rockies.

The campaign to protect this region has three key goals:

  1. Expand Waterton Park into the south-east one third of the B.C. Flathead Valley;
  2. Establish a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) between the international border and the Canadian Rocky Mountain parks (Banff and Jasper);
  3. Ban mining and energy extraction from the entire Transboundary Flathead watershed (accomplished!).

Be a part of history in the making.  Please volunteer today.