Open burning season begins, but you might wish to wait a while

A note from the Fire Chief, October 1, 2015 . . .

According to the USFS report in the Daily Interlake dated October 1, 2015, fires will continue to burn until significant RAIN and or SNOW. At this time the fires in Lincoln County continue to burn but pose NO immediate threat to Private Property.

The Marston Fire is now over 7000 acres.

Tje Goat Rock Fire is over 22000 Acres.

The fire season is being lifted and Flathead County has moved to allowing open burning. However the following information should be followed.

  1. Check the weather forecast and air quality for rain and/or wind events.
  2. Establish a fire line and clear the perimeter around your fire, down to bare soil.
  3. Have an adequate WATER supply and EXTRA persons to help control any fire that might escape your control.
  4. NEVER leave any fire unattended!
  5. Start debris fires small and add in small amounts to insure you can keep your fire contained.
  6. Always REMEMBER that you can be held financially responsible for suppression costs, should your fire escape!

Lynn P. Ogle

Fire Chief, Trail Creek Irregulars