U of M students head to Polebridge to learn about landscape, community

Polebridge Field Course presentation atendees, Jan 16, 2017
Polebridge Field Course presentation attendees, Jan 16, 2017 – W. K.Walker

The Missoulian posted a story, with photo spread, on this year’s Polebridge Field Course. There are a few familiar names and faces . . .

A snowshoe hare? A fox? A wolf, maybe?

In snowshoes, the students tromped to the edge of a bench, and the sun shone as they looked across the North Fork to Rainbow Peak shouldering the season’s snowfall, then below to the meadow.

Sarah Halvorson, a geography professor at the University of Montana, and Mitch Burgard, an expert on fire for the U.S. Forest Service, led the excursion.

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