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Update on Glacier Park’s North Fork

Oliver Meister posted a very useful update on the North Fork Hostel’s blog describing current conditions in Glacier Park’s North Fork area (with photos!) . . .

Glacier National Park swung two gates open yesterday morning;

– One will get you full access to everything Bowman.

– the other will get you as far south as Logging Creek along the Inside NF Road.

The Bowman CG remains in primitive status ($10/night) until the water gets turned on Thursday ($15/night). The lake water is “up”.

Expect 3+ miles of post-holing snow along the Quartz Loop. The last two miles of the Numa LO Trail will also grant you a post-holing experience. The Logging Creek Trail is in pretty good condition. Bowman Head, Quartz, Lower Quartz, Logging Foot and Adair can all be placed in summer status. Grace is still under snow.

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