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Study says land-use collaboration efforts in Montana effective

A recent study from The Wilderness Society concludes collaborative land-use efforts in Montana are often very effective. The Whitefish Range Partnership, in which several North Fork organizations participated, gets a mention . . .

Right behind an historic show of bipartisanship in the Montana congressional delegation, a new study of collaborative efforts in the state claims that playing nice together can reap big rewards.

The “Collaboration at a Crossroads” report looked at 15 of the 37 active roundtables trying to fix land-use issues in Montana.

Accomplishments ranged from 15,000 acres of noxious weed treatment backed by the Blackfoot Challenge to a dozen detailed recommendations for the Flathead National Forest management plan provided by the Whitefish Range Partnership.

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Source document: Collaboration at a Crossroads (PDF format, 2.88MB)

First anniversary of Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act

Our friends on the other side of the Divide, the Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front, point out that we’ve just passed the first anniversary of the introduction of the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. The Front is a vital link in the larger Crown of the Continent ecosystem, of which the North Fork is a part.

They suggest this would be a good time to send Senator Max Baucus a note thanking him for his efforts so far. For more information or ideas on points you may want to bring up in your email go to http://www.savethefront.org/thank_max.html.

Send emails to Senator Baucus at http://baucus.senate.gov/?p=contact.

Coalition pulls almost 30,000 acres from Rocky Mountain Front conservation proposal

The Great Falls Tribune reports on the latest developments in the Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front’s work on a proposal to provide protection for the Rocky Mountain Front . . .

Conservation groups dropped 28,937 acres in the Helena National Forest from a plan to better protect 300,000 acres in the Rocky Mountains…

The coalition’s plan to protect 275,300 acres in Lewis and Clark National Forest — 71,698 acres as wilderness and 203,602 acres as conservation management — remains in place.

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