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Larry Wilson: The North Fork gives thanks

Larry Wilson discusses Thanksgiving on the North Fork and tail end of hunting season . . .

As usual, the Thanksgiving dinner at Sondreson Hall was a big community success. While most of the U.S. has made Thanksgiving a family holiday, here on the North Fork it is a community event. Just like the original Pilgrims, we choose to live in a place where the weather can be harsh and there is a real need for neighbors to help each other at times. With town fifty miles away and many services limited or non-existent a good neighbor is a fine thing.

It is not unusual up here to help a neighbor get out of the ditch or to bring auto parts or groceries from town. On the North Fork, a neighbor might live 20 miles away but is still considered not only a neighbor but a friend. In the towns or cities people are more likely to look through you than at you. No so, on the North Fork.

As a result, the Thanksgiving dinner is a collection of 60-80 neighbors who are glad to see you and you are glad to see them.

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