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North Fork Inter Local coming up July 16

This summer’s Inter Local meeting is coming up on Wednesday, July 16, at Sondreson Hall. The meeting starts at 1:00 p.m. and is sponsored by the North Fork Road Coalition. Inter Local meetings are held twice each year, winter and summer. These semi-annual get-togethers are intended to encourage open discussion between North Fork landowners and neighbors and local, state and federal agencies.

In other words, it’s a big deal if you have an interest in the North Fork.

Preceding the Inter Local meeting, is the annual FireWise Day Workshop at 9:30 a.m. and lunch at noon. The potluck lunch at noon is also hosted by the North Fork Road Coalition.

Please send agenda item additions or revisions and address updates to Ray Brown: polebridgeray@yahoo.com, 406-892-1431 (mobile), 406-261-6884 (cell).

North Fork Inter Local Agreement meeting this Wednesday

This summer’s North Fork Inter Local Agreement meeting will be held this Wednesday, July 11 at Sondreson Community Hall near Whale Creek.

Programs for Fire Wise Day begin earlier at 9:30 am and run until noon.

The Inter Local Agreement provides for face-to-face contact with representatives of agencies whose policies and actions affect the North Fork. Inter Local Agreement meetings are held in the winter (in town) and summer (at the hall). Signatories to the agreement include the Flathead National Forest, Glacier National Park and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Hamburgers/sausages will be provided at noon. You bring side dishes.

This meeting is hosted by the North Fork Preservation Association.

Here’s the agenda . . .

Inter Local Agreement Landowner Updates:

North Fork Compact
North Fork Landowners’ Association
North Fork Preservation Association
North Fork Road Coalition for Health & Safety

Agency Updates:

US Fish & Wildlife Service
MT Department of State Lands
Flathead County
Flathead National Forest
Homeland Security (US Border Patrol)
Glacier National Park