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Reminder: NFPA Annual Meeting & 40th Anniversary July 23 at Sondreson Hall!

NFPA Annual Meeting & 40th Anniversary!

July 23, 2022, at Sondreson Community Hall
Whale Creek Bridge & North Fork Road

Sondreson Hall, circa 2010

Our speaker this year is Sally Thompson who co-wrote People Before the Park: The Kootenai and Blackfeet before Glacier National Park, a detailed review of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the Glacier area before it became a National Park

We would love for you to be among our honored guests.

5:30pm:           Delicious indigenous meal catered by Qene’s Catering

6:45pm:           Short business meeting to elect officers and members of the Board of
Directors and report on the work of NFPA

7:30pm:           Speaker

We are excited to spend an evening with all of you, share with you what we’ve been up to, and look forward to a great presentation.

REMINDER: NFPA Annual Meeting is this Saturday, July 29

NFPA Annual Meeting on July 29
at Sondreson Hall

5:30pm Potluck Supper

6:45pm Business Meeting and Elections

7:30pm Dr. Tabitha Graves on “A Search for Berry Treasure in the North Fork: Huckleberry Ecology”

Huckleberries on Moran Creek Trail (T2) in Flathead NF - W. K. Walker
Huckleberries on Moran Creek Trail (T2) in Flathead NF – W. K. Walker

Huckleberries are a keystone food source for many wildlife species and are culturally and economically important to our region. USGS Research Ecologist, Dr. Tabitha Graves will share information about current projects investigating interactions among weather and site conditions that influence huckleberry distribution, productivity, and phenology.

North Fork Inter Local Agreement meeting this Wednesday

This summer’s North Fork Inter Local Agreement meeting will be held this Wednesday, July 11 at Sondreson Community Hall near Whale Creek.

Programs for Fire Wise Day begin earlier at 9:30 am and run until noon.

The Inter Local Agreement provides for face-to-face contact with representatives of agencies whose policies and actions affect the North Fork. Inter Local Agreement meetings are held in the winter (in town) and summer (at the hall). Signatories to the agreement include the Flathead National Forest, Glacier National Park and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Hamburgers/sausages will be provided at noon. You bring side dishes.

This meeting is hosted by the North Fork Preservation Association.

Here’s the agenda . . .

Inter Local Agreement Landowner Updates:

North Fork Compact
North Fork Landowners’ Association
North Fork Preservation Association
North Fork Road Coalition for Health & Safety

Agency Updates:

US Fish & Wildlife Service
MT Department of State Lands
Flathead County
Flathead National Forest
Homeland Security (US Border Patrol)
Glacier National Park

Larry Wilson: Auction at Sondreson Hall a big success

This week, Larry reports on last weekend’s auction at Sondreson Hall and previews some of the other activities scheduled for the next few weeks . . .

The auction at Sondreson Hall last weekend had more than one goal. First was to revive an old tradition. Second was to provide a community experience by hosting a community-wide activity. Finally, there was a desire to raise some money to fund the North Fork Landowners Association’s History Committee.

That committee has expressed interest in doing oral histories of long-time North Fork residents and redigitizing the 78 rpm records that have been the basis for years of square dancing at Sondreson Hall. Maybe some funds could be used for a new sound system as well?

All these goals were met. The community responded with donations which covered every interest…

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Larry Wilson: Sondreson Hall built by volunteers

In this week’s Hungry Horse News column, Larry Wilson talks about the important role of volunteerism on the North Fork, with Sondreson Hall as a prime example . . .

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on all of the work done by the North Fork Landowners Association Board of Directors and the various committees. Their efforts have ensured a great season for social and educational activities.

To me, it is even more important that they have returned the landowners association to the original goals and values envisioned by the founders of the North Fork Improvement Association, the original landowners association.

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Larry Wilson: North Fork Road lake filled in

In this week’s column for the Hungry Horse News, Larry Wilson discusses the condition of the North Fork Road (much improved) and recent activities at Sondreson Hall (very successful) . . .

The river continues to run high and muddy, but so far no real damage from flooding. In my view, every day that passes makes a major flood less likely. I would not say a flood is impossible, but I sure think the chances are a lot less likely than they were two weeks ago.

The road is also better. Flathead County crews worked last week to at least mitigate the problems. Wurtz Hill was smoothed out somewhat, and the lowest slumps were evened out so that all of the ledges are gone and the hill is passable for passenger cars, but it’s still rough and drivers need to go slowly.

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Larry Wilson: High country drives flooding

Larry Wilson’s column this week discusses the spring thaw and the annual changes coming to the North Fork . . .

The snow is finally melting. In the last week, the piles of snow under my eaves have gone from being over three feet deep to just a narrow strip of ice, which will disappear today. Side roads and unplowed lanes that were snow-clogged 10 days ago are now dry.

More importantly, every day the snow line is higher up on both the Whitefish Divide and the Rocky Mountains, and the river has changed in the last three days from an unclear green to high and muddy. The gravel bar islands are beginning to disappear, and rain is predicted.

Will we have a flood? That is anybody’s guess…

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Larry Wilson: Sondreson Hall and the Flying Farmers

Larry Wilson reflects on the passing of Ruth Sondreson and the many contributions the Sondresons made to the North Fork . . .

Mostly, I enjoy writing this column. The North Fork is special to me, and to the folks I write about, and we have special concerns about how to best preserve the area and the things that make it special. Among those things are the fish and wildlife, the forest, the river, and, of course, the rural lifestyle. That means we often disagree on how to protect the North Fork.

Occasionally, though, I have to write about sad or even tragic events, since living in a special place doesn’t shield us from the cycle of life. This week is one of those times.

We received word that Ruth Sondreson died on April 14. Ruth was the last person I know who was instrumental in the building of the North Fork Community Hall, which was later named Sondreson Hall.

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