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National Weather Service says western Montana rivers will likely rise next week

In this week’s conference call, the National Weather Service continues to fret about the potential for flooding . . .

It may not be as soggy as the spring of 1997, but this year has potential for record floods in western Montana and the Idaho Panhandle.

“When we get those warmer temperatures next week, we’ll see those rivers start to react,” National Weather Service hydrologist Ray Nickless said on a Thursday conference call. “We’ll be seeing high water all the way through May and into June.”

Many parts of the northern Rocky Mountains have record-high snowpacks, and the ones that don’t nevertheless have kept the snow much longer than usual…

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Snow depth and accumulation information available online

Judging by the number of “hits” on the subject here at gravel.org, a lots of folks are interested in the unusually high snowpack at altitude and the potential for flooding later this spring.

For those of you who wish to keep track of such things, WeatherStreet.com has a web page that tracks snow depth and snow accumulation values for Montana. It also has the most recent SNOTEL snow depth reports.

Link: Montana Snow Depth and Snow Accumulation (WeatherStreet.com)