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Ten Lakes debate could impact future wilderness proposals

Big Therriault Lake - Kootenai National Forest

Over at the Missoulian, Rob Chaney has put together an excellent article, including maps and supporting documentation, on the issues and conflicting interests surrounding the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area.

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If it’s true that you’re doing something right when everyone’s angry with you, the Kootenai National Forest has nailed its wilderness designation process.

More likely, it may become the decision point for how the U.S. Forest Service respects the recreation wishes of snowmobilers, cross-country skiers and land managers across the Northwest. The lens for that debate is the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area.

“There was a huge effort in the forest planning process, where the Montana Wilderness Association, The Wilderness Society and others wanted to sit down with folks in Eureka to find common ground around Ten Lakes,” Kootenai Forest Supervisor Chris Savage recalled. “They met for a couple of years to come to some resolution. But it became apparent from other parties that they just don’t see it should be a wilderness study area, and that it shouldn’t be managed as wilderness at all. They had to stop the process.

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