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Larry Wilson: Be prepared for winter jaunts into the Montana backcountry

This week, Larry discusses the importance of preparedness when traveling in the backcountry during winter . . .

As I write this on the Friday before Christmas, knowing that it won’t be read until after Christmas, I still can’t help but wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

As of today, we have very little snow and only a chance that more will fall before Christmas. I know the skiers and snowmobilers are unhappy about no snow, but it fits the old fat guy just fine.

Lack of snow in the lower elevations does not eliminate outdoor recreation. It just changes it. This week, North Valley Search and Rescue responded up Canyon Creek to rescue an ATV rider. With little snow in the river bottoms, this individual tried to ride his ATV between Canyon Creek and Big Creek. Higher up, he got his ATV stuck and couldn’t get it out.

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