Gold mining threat to North Fork growing

Uh, oh. It appears the threat of a gold mining operation in the trans-boundary North Fork is growing. From today’s online edition of the Missoulian . . .

Expanded gold exploration north of Glacier National Park has Montana interests worried about downstream environmental and economic impacts.

“The mining company has apparently made a business decision that investment in the Canadian Flathead may bear fruit for them,” said Will Hammerquist of the National Parks Conservation Association. Hammerquist called the gold exploration “just one more example of an industrial land use that fails to recognize the importance of this area.”

Located about 10 miles north of the Montana border, the mining zone drains south into the North Fork Flathead River. That waterway forms the western edge of Glacier Park before spilling into Flathead Lake.

For decades, the two countries have battled over Canadian coal mining proposals, often pulling the federal governments into the fray.

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