Wolves vs. Moose

A couple of articles have surfaced over the last few days discussing wolves killing moose. You’d think wolves would choose an easier target, but apparently not. Here are the two write-ups . . .

Moose study begins in Northwest Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has begun a moose study in three areas across the state, with one area focused near Libby.

The agency is conducting the study in light of decreasing moose populations and declining hunter opportunity, according to a news release from Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Last week, 12 cow moose were darted, captured and fitted with radio collars in the East Cabinet study area south of Libby.

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Research shows Grand Teton wolves have taste for moose

Research shows wolves in the northern part of Grand Teton National Park have an appetite for moose during the wintertime.

Park and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service researchers documented some 55 moose killed by wolves over the past three winters.

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