Same-day coverage of Polebridge Fourth of July parade posted

Polebridge 4th of July 2013Well, now. The Daily Inter Lake posted coverage, with photos, of the Polebridge Fourth of July parade almost before the last pulled pork sandwich was consumed. They couldn’t quite get a handle on the idea that there are no parade organizers and they listed Larry Wilson as “part of the North Fork Preservation Association” (cough, cough), but it was a nice article . . .
[July 5 update: The Hungry Horse News also got into the act and posted a fairly extensive photo gallery from the parade. There are many familiar faces]

The Fourth of July means many things to many people, but one recurring theme is freedom.

Freedom from Great Britain, freedom from tyranny, and, in Polebridge, freedom from order.

The tiny community 35 miles north of Columbia Falls has held a small parade for several decades on Independence Day, and the requirements for getting in are quite strict.

“It’s not planned,” said parade marshal and 34-year Polebridge resident Rob Fisher. “If you want to be in it, you just show up at high noon.”

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