Flathead Forest taking a look at their road system

The Flathead National Forest is performing a “traffic analysis” of their road system. Supposedly, this is just a data gathering exercise.

Here is the story . . .

The U.S. Forest Service is conducting an analysis of the road system on three of the ranger districts in the Flathead National Forest.

Every national forest will complete a travel analysis report by 2015. The Hungry Horse, Glacier View and Spotted Bear Ranger Districts are scheduled to complete their analysis this year.

The travel analysis will include the identification of risks and benefits on National Forest System Roads (NFSR) roads as they pertain to safe and efficient travel and the protection, management, and use of the national forest.

“The travel analysis is not a proposal or decision, but is intended to help inform possible future road management planning,” Flathead National Forest Supervisor Chip Weber said in a statement.

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