Crews continue work on Reynolds Creek Fire under hot, dry conditions

Reynolds Creek Fire burning on July 31, 2015
Reynolds Creek Fire burning on July 31, 2015

Fire crews are holding their own against Glacier Park’s Reynold Creek blaze, despite some torching along the north end of St. Mary Lake . . .

Wildland firefighter crews battled through hot weather and heavy winds Saturday on the Reynolds Creek fire in Glacier National Park.

The fire is estimated at 3,558 acres, burning four and a half miles east of Logan Pass along the northwest shore of St. Mary Lake on the east side of the park. It is 65 percent contained.

Public information officer Diane Sine said the nearly 400 acres in growth in the fire’s size over the second half of the past week was due to its torching of unburned fuels on the north side of the lake.

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