Cool weather, moisture help crews fighting Thompson Fire

Glacier National Park Thompson Fire 2015 at Sunset
A column of smoke from the Glacier National Park Thompson Fire could be seen rising over the Rocky Mountain Front at sunset Aug. 12, 2015. The remote backcountry fire has burned about 14,900 acres. (Photo by Jonathan Moor)

Here are the essentials from this morning’s Thompson Fire update from the InciWeb site.

Short version: Cooler weather and last night’s rain should cause the fire to lay down a bit. They still intend to fly in a couple of ground crews . . .

If weather and smoke conditions permit today, two crews will fly into the backcountry area near the fire to work on control measures. One crew will land near Cutbank Pass to suppress hot spots along the fire’s edge and direct helicopter water drops. The other crew will work in the Nyack Drainage area to provide additional structure protection measures for the Upper Nyack Backcountry Patrol Cabin; cool down hot spots along the fire perimeter; direct helicopter water drops; and use pumps and hoses on any hot spots along the perimeter.

Gusty winds are predicted for the area through the morning with a chance for showers. Cooler weather and higher humidity are expected today, with a return to seasonal conditions Sunday. With cooler weather and recent rains, the fire is expected to smolder within its perimeter today. West Glacier received about 0.06 inches of rain in the past 24 hours: St. Mary received 0.19 inches…