Harvey Locke leads charge to prevent global-scale extinction

Harvey Locke
Harvey Locke

Many of you will remember Harvey Locke from the 2014 NFPA Annual Meeting as a charismatic orator who thinks in large landscapes. “Large” may be too mild an adjective. The Calgary Herald has the story . . .

Harvey Locke would grimace at the suggestion he’s on a mission to save the world.

But the Calgary native and Banff resident has embarked on a campaign to convince world leaders to preserve 50 per cent of their countries’ land mass to avert what’s seen as the earth’s sixth great extinction event, this one preceded by the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

“It doesn’t lack ambition, that’s for sure, but it’s more feasible than it might appear,” said Locke, a veteran conservationist. “This is the kind of conservation we need if the world is to continue functioning in the way we know it to be.”

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