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Polebridge Field Course gathering and lecture January 16

Graetz Presentation at Sondreson Hall - Jan 18, 2016
Graetz Presentation at Sondreson Hall – Jan 18, 2016

For the past ten years, Rick and Suzie Graetz of the University of Montana have brought a group of geography students to the Polebridge area for their Field Course.

While they are here, they dedicate one evening to giving a public lecture at Sondreson Hall. If for no other reason, it is worth attending just for the photos of spectacular landscapes, often from far-flung regions of the globe.

This year’s presentation will be at Sondreson Hall on January 16 at 6:30pm.

Here’s the text of Suzie’s announcement . . .

Happy New Year to all of our friends in the North Fork!

There is something about the holidays that makes me sit back and count my blessings.

Yesterday, while I was putting away the trappings of Christmas at the same time I was hauling out and checking off the gear we need to pack for our Polebridge Field Course, it dawned on me that this will be our 10th year of bringing students for a week to the amazing landscape you all are lucky to call home.

The course of study is wide-ranging and a great amount of information is crammed into our short stay… we expose the students to twice daily lectures by experts on fire, wildlife, national and state land management, geography, history, and geology (to name a few subjects), they have pre-trip reading assignments, research projects to complete, lecture notes to turn in, daily snowshoe treks into the landscape they are studying, and as always a final test. But, I feel it is meeting you, the members of this valley that has made the biggest impression on them.

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Portraits of Great Landscapes presentation by Rick Graetz, Jan. 18

Here’s a heads-up from NFLA President Randy Kenyon . . .

Grab your calendars!  Author, professor, traveler, photographer and raconteur Rick Graetz will be returning again this winter to the North Fork with his University of Montana class.  The highlight of this year’s visit will be his presentation at Sondreson Hall Monday January 18th at 6:30pm.  Rick’s topic will be portraits of Great Landscapes, including the Himalaya, deserts of the American West, Yellowstone, prairie lands of Montana east of the mountains and a few other selected areas.  If you haven’t ever had the privilege to partake of this experience, be sure you make this one.  His appearances are always highly informative and entertaining. Rick will be bringing a celebration cake and, if you are so inclined, bring along a treat of your own!

Larry Wilson: Yellowstone Park slide show lined up for Jan 20

[Updated to correct time for presentation at Sondreson Hall.]

This is the seventh year Rick Graetz brings a group of his students to the North Fork and, as usual, he will be giving a presentation at Sondreson Hall. Larry Wilson’s column has the details . . .

This will be the seventh year that Rick Graetz, a University of Montana geography professor, will bring one of his classes to the North Fork.

The class will stay at the Polebridge Hostel and, as usual, Rick will present an educational program for local residents at Sondreson Community Hall. This year, the program will take place on Monday, Jan. 20, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Rick and his wife Suzie are accomplished photographers, and the program always revolves around a slide show of photos they have taken themselves.

This year, the program will feature about 100 photos of Yellowstone National Park as well as the narrative. It will illustrate the splendor of the mountains, rivers, forests, geysers and wildlife of what was once best known as “Colter’s Hell.”

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“Polebridge Class” draws press coverage

The Daily Inter Lake covered the anual University of Montana “Polebridge Class” with two articles, one of them splashed all over last Sunday’s front page. The lead article talked about the class and how Polebridge “stirred to life” to support it. The second talked about “the mail lady” (and her wolf, of course).

Here are the links . . .

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