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Remote cameras: Secretive wolverines give up furry clues in Glacier National Park

This very interesting article about wolverine studies in Glacier National Park appeared in today’s Missoulian. Study volunteers Doug Chadwick, Karen Reeves, Stuart Reiswig and Flannery Coats all get a mention . . .

The carnivore’s eyes glow like orbs in the winter darkness, the front quarter of a deer clenched in its vice-like jaws.

As the fur-covered critter wrests the carrion from a steel bolt on a bait post, it leaves behind a token that will be treasured by researchers studying the animal – a lock of wolverine fur.

The remarkable scene was captured last month by remote camera at a backcountry site in Glacier National Park, where carnivore ecologist John Waller has been conducting an unprecedented study to determine the size of the park’s wolverine population.

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