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Polebridge curls up for the winter

The Missoulian posted a pretty nice article today discussing the North Fork’s shift from summer’s bustle to winter’s quiet. The Polebridge Mercantile and the North Fork Hostel both get mentions, as well as some other people and places . . .

The knuckles whiten, the undercarriage rattles and the trappings of civilization recede.

This is the route to Polebridge .  . .

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Glacier National Park shifts to winter mode

Glacier National Park is shifting over to winter mode. The park is not closed by any means; there’s still plenty to see and do.

A couple of online publications have excellent articles on Glacier’s winter operations, including fees, activities and facilities.

The National Parks Traveler has a very complete write up, whereas the Flathead Beacon has a shorter, but more personal, discussion that includes information about Flathead National Forest as well as Glacier Park.

Larry Wilson: Winter strikes the North Fork

This is a bit confusing. Apparently, Larry’s column didn’t make the deadline for the print edition of the Hungry Horse News, but it did get posted online — over a “Larry Peterson” byline [update – they fixed it]. Go figure.

Anyway, Larry discusses the season’s first serious snowfall and cold snap . . .

No one on the North Fork needs to be told that Fall has fell and it is now winter. In the last week we have had a total snowfall of over 16 inches. There has been settling but a blanket of snow now covers everything, the golden needles have been blown off of the larch and wood is no longer being put in woodsheds but is being carried into the house.

Not only are we carrying wood into the house, we are burning a lot of it. In between snow storms we have had bone-chilling cold along with brisk winds. It seems a little early for subzero temperatures but my Monkey Ward thermometer read minus 12 degrees F one morning and neighbors reported similar below zero readings.

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