Banner photos needed

Our refurbished “News & Announcements” page has this nice banner up there at the top. But it would be even nicer if it changed every once in awhile. So, if you folks have any good photos from around the North Fork, send them along. If I use them in the banner, you get featured in the “Banner Photo Credit” area on the sidebar and a nice mention in the web log.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It should be photo from the general North Fork area. I’d guess color will work best, but I’m not averse to considering historic black & white images.
  • It doesn’t have to be a classic “scenic” but it does need to be something that will still look good after it is cropped to the proportions of the banner. (Hmmm… Something showing the Fall colors would be nice right now.)
  • Tell me how you want the photo credited. If you tell me something about the photo, I’ll include that, too.

If you don’t know my direct email, send a note to the “webmaster” address and I’ll tell you how to get stuff to me.

I’ll be waiting with bated breath…

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