Alert: Public lands grab efforts move from states to U.S. House

A heads-up from Debo Powers . . .

Let’s get out our pens and start writing letters to Congressman Zinke to oppose HR3650 and HR2316…….or better still, call his office (406-225-3211).

The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee will hear the new bills on Thursday. HR 3650 would allow any state to claim ownership of up to 2 million acres of national forests, roughly the size of Yellowstone National Park. A second bill, HR 2316, would allow states to seize 4 million acres of national forests for clear-cut logging.

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UPDATE: The Montana Wilderness Association has an online form that makes it easy to zip off a message to Rep. Zinke. You can find it here. It’s best to replace the text of the auto-generated email message with your own words, though.