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‘Bill Tracker’ lists good and bad Montana environmental bills

The Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) maintains a “Bill Tracker” on their web site. It lists all the environmental bills, both good and bad, being considered by the Montana legislature. Here’s what they have to say about it: “Use MEIC’s Legislative Bill Tracker tool to stay current with the most recent legislative happenings. You can see where a bill is in the process, read facts about different legislative proposals, and contact legislators about specific pieces of legislation.”

MEIC updates their Bill Tracker every day.

If you are trying to keep an eye on Montana’s legislative shenanigans, visiting the Bill Tracker page should be part of your daily routine. It is so useful, in fact, that we’ve added it to our “Related Links” sidebar. Look for “Bill Tracker Tool (MEIC).”

Summer 2014 NFPA Newsletter online

For those of you who can’t wait on the mail, the North Fork Preservation Association Summer 2014 Newsletter is now available online in the “Newsletters” section of the website. Enjoy!

Here’s a partial table of contents:

  • The Second ‘Missing Piece Rendezvous’ Comes to the North Fork
  • The Whitefish Range Partnership
  • North Fork Bill Caught Up in Montana Politics
  • North Fork Hiking
  • Bears and Wolverines, Trees and Water, and That Facebook Thing
  • Hiking with Tools: Introducing the North Fork Trails Association

Site update: Zoning materials updated

We’ve updated our collection of zoning information. The “Zoning Documents & Links” section of the archives now includes:

  • the North Fork Neighborhood Plan,
  • the full set of Flathead County zoning regulations and
  • the North Fork-specific pages from the zoning regulations.

These materials were retrieved from the Flathead County Planning and Zoning “Documents Online” page. All are PDF documents.

The NFPA is giving Facebook a try

We have, heaven help us, started a Facebook page for the North Fork Preservation Association. It’s a bit of an experiment in hopes that this will provide yet another way for folks to keep an eye on the NFPA and its activities.

Material posted to our weblog will also be posted to Facebook and continue to be announced on Twitter. So, there are now four ways to keep in touch: watch the web site, monitor the web log’s news feed, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

The North Fork Preservation Association Facebook page is at Don’t forget to “like” us.