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‘Twenty-five grizzly bears a year die in Yellowstone Park, but this one had a name’

Grizzly bear sow with three cubs

Here’s an interesting article that picks up social media’s impact on bear management and runs with it . . .

When a grizzly bear killed a hiker in Yellowstone National Park last year, millions of people took it personally.

“The public response was 100 percent different than two years ago,” said Kerry Gunther, Yellowstone’s bear manager. “Twenty-five grizzly bears a year die in Yellowstone Park, but this one had a name.”

Her name was Blaze, according to the outpouring of outrage on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets that appeared within a day of the Aug. 11 incident. Gunther and other park officials still aren’t sure it was that particular, often-photographed sow with two cubs (there were four such females with two cubs in the area). But they are sure their decisions, and all future debate about managing grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountain West, are under a new level of scrutiny.

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The NFPA is giving Facebook a try

We have, heaven help us, started a Facebook page for the North Fork Preservation Association. It’s a bit of an experiment in hopes that this will provide yet another way for folks to keep an eye on the NFPA and its activities.

Material posted to our weblog will also be posted to Facebook and continue to be announced on Twitter. So, there are now four ways to keep in touch: watch the web site, monitor the web log’s news feed, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

The North Fork Preservation Association Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/nfpreservationassociation. Don’t forget to “like” us.