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Grizzly bears spotted along Sun River

Providing more evidence that grizzly bears are started to repopulate the high plains, there have been a number of sightings near the Sun River, a bit west of Great Falls . . .

State wildlife officials are urging homeowners and people who hunt along the Sun River west of Great Falls that grizzly bears have been spotted in the area.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks grizzly bear management specialist Mike Madel says a bow hunter spotted two young grizzlies about a mile east of Simms on Sunday. On Wednesday, a Fort Shaw-area couple said a grizzly bear chased their dog before they scared it away.

Madel says the sighting near Fort Shaw is the farthest east confirmed sighting of a grizzly on the Sun River. The homeowners took a picture and Madel estimates the bear is 3 or 4 years old and about 300 pounds.

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