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G. George Ostrom: Gianforte peddling wrong thing

U.S. Rep. Greg Gainforte is taking heat from across the political spectrum for supporting “bikes over wilderness” legislation. This latest zinger is from G. George Ostrom . . .

Worrisome news recently broke with the new U.S. House Rep. Greg Gianforte, from Montana, suggesting the Wilderness Bill be amended to allow bicycles and other questionable uses. He implied the original bill allowed such things. As this paper’s editor, Chris Peterson, pointed out in his fine column last week, Gianforte has a very bad idea and, from this columnist’s point of view, Gianforte is inaccurate in his statement, not to mention the very real dangers bike riders would create for themselves and other legitimate users.

Please let me remind readers that I interrupted my growing journalistic career, sold my home and moved my family from Washington D.C. to help write the Wilderness Bill in the 87th Congress. I came home in debt from what we accomplished, but felt proud and honored to have been a part of it.

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Bears, lynx and being there

This week’s Hungry Horse News columnists give the North Fork a fair bit of ink. “Her N. Fork” by Carol Vuchetich discusses the experience and responsibilities of living on the North Fork. Larry Wilson’s “North Fork Views” is a nice end-of-summer piece, ruminating on a quiet fire season and the big uptick in bear sightings. And G. George Ostrom even gives the North Fork (and Larry Wilson) a mention as he talks about Lynx, past and present.