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Delay in lynx recovery plan draws lawsuit

A group of environmental organizations want the feds to pick up the pace a bit on Lynx-related matters . . .

Thirteen years after the government listed Canada lynx as a threatened species, wildlife advocates on Thursday asked a federal judge to force the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to finish its long-awaited recovery plan for the snow-loving wild cats.

Four groups represented by the Western Environmental Law Center allege the long delay on the part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service violates federal law.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Montana, they asked the court to set a date for the government to adopt a “road map” that would detail what’s needed for lynx to recover.

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Bears, lynx and being there

This week’s Hungry Horse News columnists give the North Fork a fair bit of ink. “Her N. Fork” by Carol Vuchetich discusses the experience and responsibilities of living on the North Fork. Larry Wilson’s “North Fork Views” is a nice end-of-summer piece, ruminating on a quiet fire season and the big uptick in bear sightings. And G. George Ostrom even gives the North Fork (and Larry Wilson) a mention as he talks about Lynx, past and present.