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National park photos by Ansel Adams accessible online

St. Mary Lake, Ansel Adams, 1941
St. Mary Lake, Ansel Adams, 1941

Here’s a little gem I ran across this morning on the U.S. National Archives website. It seems they have a pretty good collection of photos taken by Ansel Adams back in 1941 of many of the national parks. This includes some two dozen photos of Glacier National Park. According the the site:  “In 1941 the National Park Service commissioned famed photographer Ansel Adams to create a photo mural for the Department of the Interior Building in Washington, DC. The theme was to be nature as exemplified and protected in the U.S. National Parks.” The advent of World War II killed the project, but the images are in the national archives and accessible to the public.

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Conservation photographers create exhibit highlighting threats to Flathead Valley

From today’s Flathead Beacon . . .

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a group of conservation photographers is giving the Flathead an ample voice as an exhibit on the values of and threats to the valley heads to Washington D.C.

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Fantastic Glacier Park photo series by Chris Peterson

Folks, you have got to check out the photos from Chris Peterson’s “100 days in Glacier National Park” project.

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Lido Vizutti of the Flathead Beacon has a nice write-up.’s “The Big Picture” section has a nice selection from the series at somewhat better resolution than the ones in Chris Peterson’s official web log for the project.

Did I mention that you have got to check this out? Oh, right . . .